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Aims And Objectives
  • To promote and co-ordinate study and research in the field of journalism in Andhra Pradesh and public activity.
  • To organize or to hold training courses, workshops, seminars, consultancy services and exhibitions in association with organizations of working journalists, newspaper managements and universities.
  • To conduct training classes and refresher courses for mofussil journalists.
  • To undertake and provide for the publication of books, periodicals, journals, monographs, research papers etc., in furtherance of the objectives of the Academy.
  • To co-operate with academic institutions and organizations information of syllabi and in scheduling of programes for teaching and training courses.
  • To institute awards, endowments and prizes in recognition of meritorious services and outstanding achievements of individuals, institutions and organizations and to grant fellowships.
  • To conduct advanced study and research in the field of journalism and to acquaint the working journalists with the latest technology in printing and electronic media and the latest trends in the world journalism.
  • To initiate steps to improve the tastes of readers and promote healthy trends in journalism and evolve a consensus on social responsibility of media.
  • To organize training courses workshops in newspaper photography, photojournalism, page make-up, cartooning and illustrative drawings.
  • To preserve all the important newspapers, periodicals in the state through microfilming for the benefit of future generations. To collect bio-data and photos of eminent persons from different walks of life.
  • To establish and maintain a computerized reference library and data bank, cassette library of video magazines, photos of important state, national and international events and personalities to cater to the needs of working journalists, students and researchers in journalism.
  • To sponsor journalists to participate in seminars as delegates organized by national seminars such as NAM etc., to sponsor journalists outside Andhra Pradesh to participate in the seminars conducted by the Academy.
  • To receive grants, bequeathals and other donations.

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